Updated 20150331


Fat Moose
Fat Moose is a simple two knob low gain overdrive with a switch to move the mids. Björn has contributed with soundclips. 

Fat MooseSound1  Sound2

Added some images from a rehousing project of a Danelectro Transparent Overdrive.  


The Unicorn MKII
The unicorn MKII is an update of The Unicorn, I've added modulation on the wet signal, from slow wobble to fast oscillation by the knobs  Speed and Depth. Thanks to
Björn who has contributed with the soundclips.  

The Unicorn MKII
Sound1 Sound2 Sound3 Sound4 Sound5 Sound6 Sound7

3MOVIBR8 is a two effects pedal, selectable by the Trem/Vib switch. The vibrato circuit is based on the Boss VB-2 and the tremolo is basically an EA tremolo


Ibanez SM-9
A clone of the Ibanez SM-9. An overdrivepedal with plenty of gain, nice mid control. 

Ibanez SM-9Sound  DIY

VB-3 Speedster
A circuit based en the Boss VB-2 vibratopedal. It has been rebuilt in the rampsection, allowing it to speed up the vibration in rate. The rampknob then controlls the acceleration of the rate. Developed with involvement with Björn Greder who has contributed with sound1, in sound2 and 3 he has used the speedster with The Unicorn. Sound4 is recorded by me to demonstrate the ramp function.

VB-3 SpeedsterLjud1  Ljud2  Ljud3  Ljud4

Nobels ODR-S
A clone of Nobels ODR-S. An overdrivepedal which I cloned from the original schematic, though I omitted the bypass switching.

Nobels ODR-S overdrive pedalHiGain LoGain DIY

R.M Octavia
Octave up pedal, based on the
R.M Octavia. The soundfile is contributed by Magic.

R.M OctaviaLjud  DIY

A 600mS analog delay, truebypass, built around three V3205BBD circuits. Controls for Level(level on the repeats), Boost(about 24db off volume boost is accesdible), Echoes(number of repeats), Time(delay time), + an internal trim pot accessible through the bottom of the pedal, which controls the total amount of hi cut. The soundfile is contributed by Nut. 

Zimba BBD delaySound

Magic Drive
A simple two knob distortion pedal based on MXR:s Dist+. When the switch is in left posistion the circuit clips over two 1N4148:s, in it's middle pos' no diodes, + at the right pos there's two AA144 and two 1N34 germanium diodes in a slight asymmetrical clipping.

Magic Drive distortion pedal
Sound1: SW=left Sound2: SW=mid Sound3: SW=right

Turtle Clipper
An op amp based clipper of my own design. Now it had it's third design, new looks and a bit more bass. Bite adjusts the frequency before the both clipping stages, Tone adjusts after them. Thanks to
Björn who has contributed with new soundclips. 


Turtle Clipper distortion pedal
Sound1 Sound2 Sound3 Sound4 Sound5 Sound6 Sound7

Dr.Boogey is supposed to be an emulationof Mesa Boogies dual rectifier solo head. I used the project files from gaussmarkovs and redrewthe circuitboard layout to suit my needs. The soundclips are not from my project, though it's the same circuit. 

Dr.Boogey distortion pedal
Sound1  Sound2  Sound3 Sound4  Sound5

The Unicorn
The Unicorn is an analog delay of my own design, three BBD circuits (V3205) gives about 600mS of analog delay. Soundclips named Björn is recorded by
Björn Greder.

The Unicorn analog delay
Sound1 Sound2 Sound3 Sound4 Björn1 Björn2 Björn3 Björn4 Björn5

Klonad Klon
Well, a clone of a klon, made my own circuitboard layoutfor it, the one I found on the web did not suit me. Some adjustments were made after the soundfiles were recorded.

Klon CentaurSound1  Sound2  Sound3

Slimy Vibe
A vibrato effect with knobs for Blend, Speed and Depth. It goes from 1.8-12Hz in speed. This is an ongoing project.

SlimyVibe vibrato pedalSound

Pearl Octaver OC-07
Nice octave pedal which I cloned from the original schematic, though I omitted the bypass switching and made it truebypass.

Pearl OC-07 OctaverSound1 Sound2 Sound3 Sound4 DIY

Mad Quacker
A nice yet simple envelope filter. It can be found on the web as Nurse Quacky., but I got my own circiotboard layout. The soundclip is not from my pedal.

Mad Quacker envelope filterSound

Joe Davisson's Blackfire, a simple two knob transistor based overdrive. Didn't like the sound of it so it's a bit tweaked.

Blackfire overdrive pedalSound

A clone of Boss AC-2.

Chamelion accoustic simulatorSound

I've built two versions of this one, in the soundclip the first half is with 2pc 2N5458:s in the input stage, the other half is with J201:s.

BSIABII Overdrive pedalSound

Boss SG-1
A clone of Boss slow gear.

Boss SG-1Sound

Sweet Feets Distortion
A really nice distortion based around three AC127 germanium transistors.

Sweet feets distortionSound

A tubescreamer with symmetric/asymmetric clipping switch, truebypass. No soundclip.

TS-808 Tubescreamer

Boss VB-2
A modified version of the original. The mod is a chorus mode and truebypass. Sound4 is in chorus mode.

Boss VB-2 vibratoSound1 Sound2 Sound3 Sound4

ESP reverb
A stand alone spring reverb, recorded in the effect loop of a solid state amp.


Ross Compressor
I've tried two versions of this one, one like the original and one with a bright mod. To my ears the bright mod is the winner.

Ross compressorSound

MXR envelope filter
A clone of the MXR:s filter. A bit moded in the frequency and it has a "reverse sweep" choice with the switch. No soundclip.

MXR Envelope filter

A clone of the Mu-Tron III. A wonderfull envelope filter with lots of settings. The soundclips are in different, rather extreme settings.

MutronIII envelope filterSound1: with distortion Sound2: clean

Digital Delay
Digital delay.

Digital delaySound